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10 Easy Tips To Start Slimming Down Today

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Is body image an issue for you? Well I know for many people, their weight, body size and body shape can be a real area of pain. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had body image issues. I am a round gal! My husband would say I’m full in all the right places! Thank God for that man! I needed to marry a person that loves me just the way I am.


If you can relate to what I’m saying here than body image has also been a thorn in your side too.


Now we can go to the gym 7 days a week for an hour or 2, eat salads, low fat foods and drink tons of water, but at the end of the struggle how much closer are we to the intended goal of looking and feeling better. I don’t know about you, but I’m usually not much closer to my goal after all those everts.


People have also gone to extremes of liquid diets, cabbage soup diets, brown rice diet, all sorts of diets. There are way too many to even mention, and most put you right back in front of the mirror, sad and unsatisfied.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the worst offenders. I want a quick fix for this lifelong issue that reminds me it’s still there more often than not, but I know that there really isn’t a good quick fix.


Like anything you truly want in life, it’s a process, it takes commitment and you have to be patient. So over the years I’ve learned there are some basics that we sometimes forget but that are always helpful in taking us a little bit closer to our goal of a positive self image and looking and feeling great! If you’d like some more information on this topic you can sign up for my free newsletter, just click here.


  1. Work out 5-6 times a week. It doesn’t have to be for 2 hours at the gym, it can be a 30 minute workout every day. I like to get up and workout first thing in the morning. That way I’m much more consistent and there are very few things that can mess with my schedule at 5:30am. You can walk, workout with a video or TV program, jog or design your own routine.
  2. Drink Water. Keep a full container of water with you all the time. I not only helps to keep you hydrated it helps to flush out any toxins in your system that may be making you retain water or not feel your best. I like to drink a glass of water right after my workout in the morning with a squeeze of lemon or lime in it. The lemon is a cleansing agent and has a pleasant taste.
  3. Track your food. I have an app on my phone and I love it! It helps me to log what I’m eating so I see what choices I’ve made all day and how I can improve those choices for tomorrow. Sign up here for my free newsletter and I’ll send you more information on apps like this. Sometimes it just shows me that I’ve made very good food choices and give myself a little credit for moving in the right direction. Sometimes this one small thing alone can help you shed a few pounds.
  4. Be active as much as possible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a little further away in the parking lot, take the dog for  walk, go for a bike ride with your kid or just by your self. The little things can really add up and make a difference.
  5. Use a pedometer. This one ties in closely with the last tip. Wearing a pedometer tracks all the activity you do, and helps you to increase your activity.
  6. Set yourself a goal. With a pedometer you could set out to take 12,000 steps a day then you’re shooting for something, you’re giving yourself a target. Increase your water intake by 16 oz, at least download a food tracking app. You know what they say, if you shoot for the moon, even if you fall short you’ll still land among the stars! With no goal, you don’t even have a target to shoot for.
  7. Write a healthy grocery list. When you’re making your list for grocery shopping, replace chips and dip with carrots and hummus, again, it’s the little things that add up and make a big difference.
  8. Plan fun outdoor activities for your weekends. If there is a forest preserve with a nice nature trail near by PLAN to make it a place to visit on one of your days off. If you have a place where you could hike or a bicycle trail you know of PLAN to check it out. Invite your family or friends to come with you and be active too. Then pack a healthy picnic and you’ve got a fun and healthy way to enjoy your free time.
  9. Avoid processed foods. Whenever you feel you need a snack or you’re thirsty grab for something that’s a natural whole food. Fruit is wonderful! It’s sweet and juicy and easy to bring along when you’re on the go. Nuts are crunchy and a bit salty if that’s what you have a taste for plus that have good stuff inside of them. I love sugar snap peas or baby carrots with hummus. Give ‘em a shot!
  10. Be kind to yourself. Chances are you work really hard to make the right choices and do the best things for you and your family. So be sure to give yourself credit for all those smart and wise things you do. When you eat a slab of chocolate cake or half a tub of ice cream don’t be too hard on yourself. Just get back on track. We all make mistakes.

These are just a few easy ideas to implement into your life and make a difference now. If you’d like to get more information on how to slim down and live a healthier lifestyle click here and get your free newsletter.

Go make it a great day!

Diana Rendon

The Healthy Ladybug



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It’s no secret that a successful business demands a successful website.

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Healthy Community

What’s the buzz? Mt. Everest had an Earthquake and there’s rioting in the street in Baltimore. That’s the buzz. For me it makes me want to pull together with my community and create a bond. I care for those people that are living through the drama in their communities. The citizens of this country are amazing people. Just like you and me. We all need to remember we are in this together and kindness, peace and love can heal. The leaders in our world need to apply the same philosophy.

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Diana Rendon

The Healthy Ladybug
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Yummy Fruit Dip!


Happy Monday!! I found this recipe-, on Pinterest and absolutley love it! I’ve made it twice and it’s a big hit, my 7 year old daughter loves it (and it encourages her to eat some more fruit) and so did my husband. He even blended it into his smoothy! I made a few modifications so my recipe looks like this:
Fruit Dip
32oz vanilla greek yogurt (I use Chobani because they use cane sugar as their sweetener and I feel that’s a cleaner choice)
10oz of Truwhip again because it’s a healthier choice, it’s not made with any hydrogenated oils, it’s got cleaner ingredients.
3.9oz package of Jello pudding Vanilla is good but you can use any flavor that tickles your fancy!

Journaling and scrapbooking for a healthy mind

Healthy effects of journaling

Scrapbooking has been around for ages, but it has recently experienced a surge in popularity. People from all walks of life have discovered the joys and healthy calming benefits of creating albums to showcase their treasured photos and keepsakes. But with all the elaborate scrapbooking techniques and myriad embellishments available, getting started can be intimidating.

The truth is, anyone that can use scissors and glue can scrapbook. And you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to create attractive pages. With some basic supplies and a little imagination, you can relax, grab a healthy snack, invite over some friends and create lovely scrapbooks that will be adored for years to come.

What You Need

You can get started scrapbooking on a small budget. Here are the things you’ll need.

* An album – Scrapbooking albums come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are 8 1/2″ x 11″ and 12″ x 12″. They can be found at most craft supply stores if you don’t have a scrapbooking supply store nearby.

* Paper – Scrapbooking paper can be found in a variety of solid colors and patterns. This will be the basis for each page. You may also use scrapbooking paper for journaling and to create your own photo mats and embellishments.

* Cutting tools – You can easily get by with just a good pair of scissors. But an Exacto knife might make photo cropping easier. And if you’re no good at cutting straight lines, you might want to invest in a paper cutter.

* Adhesives – There are all sorts of adhesives one could use for scrapbooking. Glue sticks and double-sided tape are quite popular. Some scrapbookers also use rubber cement or glue dots for certain applications. But when you’re getting started, just use what you’re most comfortable with.

* Photos – Beginning scrapbookers often start out with old photos that they’ve accumulated over the years. This makes for a nice, nostalgic album. Of course you can also take new pictures for your scrapbook. A digital camera and photo printer are two modern conveniences that make scrapbooking easier, but they are not necessities. Photos taken by a film camera work just as well.

When purchasing scrapbooking supplies, it’s important to make sure they are acid-free. This will keep them from harming your priceless photos.

Basic Techniques

You don’t have to know a lot about scrapbooking techniques to create an attractive album. Just a few simple techniques will suffice.

One of the first things many scrapbookers learn is how to mat photos. This can be accomplished by simply cutting a square or rectangle that is about a half inch longer and wider than the photo you want to mat. Then glue the photo to the center. To make a photo really stand out, double mat it by cutting out a shape a half inch longer and wider than the first mat, and center the matted photo on it.

Journaling gives scrapbook pages a nice personal touch. It also give you a healthy way to articulate your feelings about an event or person in your scrapbook. It allows you a healthy outlet for your thoughts and emotions. Simply write a note about the photos on a page, telling what was happening or sharing your thoughts on the subject. Use paper that coordinates with the background, and be sure to write with an acid-free pen.

Adding borders to your pages gives them a finished look. You can make them out of strips of coordinating scrapbook paper. You don’t have to border all four sides. A strip along the top, side or bottom will do. For easy embellishing, use some stickers.

There’s no need to throw in the towel if you don’t have the time, money or know-how to create elaborate scrapbooks. Just start off simple, and learn new techniques as you go.

Contact me to learn more about how to relax and cultivate a healthy balanced lifestyle email me here at



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Eating Healthy? Time for an Emotional Eating Reality Check.


Eating is a part of life.  Your body gets its nutrients from food.  Sometimes we can go overboard with our eating habits and it can result in gaining weight.  One issue with food is emotional eating.

The problem of emotional eating may end with the scale but it begins in the mind.  Stress takes its toll on your life.  When your defenses are compromised your health takes a hit and so do your emotions.

Everyone has good days and bad days.  How we deal with the bad ones brings emotional eating into play.  You look for comfort for your hurts.  People who turn to food for comfort find a coping mechanism that won’t judge them, hurt them or tell them “no.” To complicate the issue, eating pleasurable foods can stimulate the release of endorphins just like exercise.  So, after you eat, you feel better.

Emotional eaters use food to relieve stress.  They hide behind the food instead of seeking solutions to the problems.  This is not uncommon when the stressor is something horrible such as physical abuse or a death.

But, how do you know you are using food in this way?  The first sign is obvious.  You will gain weight if you eat too much.  In light of the weight gain, examine other areas of your life:

* Have you been under stress lately at work or at home?
* Has anything traumatic happened in the last year?
* Are you dealing with a problem but haven’t found a solution?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions could mean that you are an emotional eater.  You eat but you are not necessarily hungry at the time.  The foods that you choose are what we term “comfort foods”:

* High fat foods like French fries, fried foods
* High carb foods like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes
* Sugary foods like ice cream, donuts, cookies, cake

There is help for emotional eaters.  The first step is recognizing that you have a problem.  You’ll experience feelings of helplessness and guilt.  The guilt is over potentially ruining your health and the helplessness lies in the fact that you don’t see a way out.

Secondly, seek coaching.  There are many types of coaches out there that can meet your need.  Emotional eating has nothing to do with dieting or changing your eating habits but gaining success over your emotions.

A coach might suggest things like visualization, practicing problem solving skills, relaxation techniques and healthy meal planning.  Visualization helps you to see your problems in a realistic way and not blown out of proportion.  You will also learn to see food as healthy nutrition for the body and not an emotional crutch.

Thirdly, you can learn your triggers for stress and be on the lookout for changes in your eating habits.  Friends and family can help you be aware of the foods you are eating, assist you in making healthy food choices and exercise along with you.  A healthy diet and exercise increases immunity, blood flow and positive thinking.  Yoga enhances the mind/body connection so you don’t eat when you aren’t hungry.

Finding new ways to solve your problems and deal with stress will push food out of the equation.  You’ll feel good about finding solutions which will replace the dependence on food.

Make up your mind to “JUST DO IT”

Did you ever wake up one morning and think “I have a great idea!”? Most of us have and my next question is what did you do with it? Your great idea? If your human maybe you thought about it a bit, maybe how you could take your idea and make it a reality. Maybe you just forgot about it. That happens. A lot. But what about the day you decided, you were going to nurture that sweet little dream. Grow it, give it life and wings to take off!

That’s what I’m doing here. I am giving my dream life, and I want to help you do the same. Now I’m sure you didn’t wake up one day and say “Hay, ya know I want to be a blogger”. I know I didn’t, but what I did say was, I want to be the best person I can be. I want to help other to do that too. I am powerful and I want to use that power. I want to make my own decisions on what my time, energy and money is spent on.

Money. Oh yeah that little thing that we all need to keep playing in this game we call life. So how do I help others, create the freedom I want with my time, energy and money and still make money? Enough money to pay my bills. Enough money that I not only can pay my bills, but save, buys toys, go on vacations, have adventures and help others that need more money too?

So I started to look for the answers to those questions. Briefly, here is what I came up with: Don’t work for someone else, find a way to create an income from anywhere at anytime, do something that I love and helps a whole lot of people. Where are there a whole lot of people? The internet, right! Where can I offer my products or services to people that will enhance their lives and I can offer them from anywhere at anytime? The internet, right! Are you noticing a patter here?

So I am blogging and helping people to blog too! If you want to learn more click the link below! Happy learning!

Ta ta for now! Hugs,

DianaScreen Shot 2015-04-10 at 5.35.46 PM