Wow – The Things You Learn.

Howdy Chaps!!

Wow. That is the theme of this post for sure. I have learned SO much on the web about online marketing and leveraging the web to make a living it’s amazing.

First thing I want you to know is as I learn and find success I will share it with you. It’s my goal to help others reach their goals. I’m a mom a wife and a smart woman and I know I can figure out how to create a healthy balanced lifestyle and make a good living online. As I do this, I want to teach it to as many people as are interested in learning it.

Second thing I want you to know is there are TONS and I literally mean TONS of free information available out there for anyone that wants to reach success creating an online business. So that being said I’ll share the coolest thing I just learned.

I was checking out¬†and learned a new term, it’s called an Infoprenuer. As I go through this process and I try to figure out how to make my way on the internet I have some common things that are core to my message and what I want to bring to the table. However, while I’m figuring it out some things change along the way. For me this is the newest change. I am an Infopreneur. It’s like an Entrepreneur, but your business is based on information. Creating products from your information, the information of others and then sharing that with others.

So for me I just got a little bit clearer about the direction I want to move in. It’s still very closely aligned with the direction I was already headed, but it makes my path a little bit more defined.

Oh, and my dog Jane got a new collar! Check it out!

Jane's new collar


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