Black Bean Brownies

Hi! Have you had brownies made with black beans? If not I highly suggest you give them a try. They are easy to make and they are a healthier version while still filling your need for brownies. The texture is a bit more fudgey but still very tastey! Here’s the recipe, if you give it a shot be sure to let me know what you think!

Black Bean brownies

1 14oz can of black beans

1 Box of Brownie mix

Rinse the beans really well in collandar. Keep the can to put the beans back in once they’ve been rinsed. Then once the beans are back in the can, fill the can up with clean water. Pour the can of rinsed beans with clean water into your blender and blend! Then in a separate bowl mix the purrayed beans with the brownie mix. Follow the baking directions on the box and enjoy! Don’t over cook they will be some what gooey. Just make sure not to gooey.



black bean brownie pic