That 70’s Buzz


Trending online right now is a story about how Ashton Kutcher┬ádid a remodel on his mom’s home. This is a really cool way for him to give back to his mom and promote Houzz. Any way, I just wanted to share it with you because it just makes me like Ashton Kutcher even more. The fact that he’s from Iowa, a Bears fan, made That 70’s Show really funny and then ended up with his girlfriend from the show are just a few of the thing that make me think this guy is cool.

He’s honest. When he shared with the audience at Nickelodian’s Kid Choice awards what his real name was, and when he played the role of Steve Jobs it not only reinforced the fact that he was a quality human being but some one that I could have respect for.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Ashton, click here to check out the story. He’s Cool! And smart, no wonder he’s so successful!

Diana Rendon

The Healthy Ladybug

Healthy Community

What’s the buzz? Mt. Everest had an Earthquake and there’s rioting in the street in Baltimore. That’s the buzz. For me it makes me want to pull together with my community and create a bond. I care for those people that are living through the drama in their communities. The citizens of this country are amazing people. Just like you and me. We all need to remember we are in this together and kindness, peace and love can heal. The leaders in our world need to apply the same philosophy.

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Diana Rendon

The Healthy Ladybug
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